Quick Facts

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Targeted Drug Delivery Technologies

- Proprietary small-molecule

- Highly selective cancer and CSC targeting

- Uptake and prolonged retention in malignant cells

- Proof of concept (POC) in broad range of cancers

- Ability to attach divers oncologic payloads

- Extensive research and peer-reviewed validation

Innovative Pipeline Through Research and Collaboration

- Two radiotherapeutics being developed in-house that are in pre-clinical or clinical stages

- Collaborating with Pierre Fabre, a world-renowned French multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetics company, on our CLR CTX program

Pierre Fabre Quote

Our collaboration platform will allow us to work with world class institutions to enhance our PDC Product Pipeline.

We Do It Better:

Unlike ADCs, our phospholipid ether-drug conjugate (PDC) platform allows for the potential to improve the therapeutic index of payloads by minimizing delivery to healthy cells while enhancing delivery to a broad range of cancers.