Targeted delivery to improve therapeutic index.


We Do It Better:

Unlike ADCs, our phospholipid ether-drug conjugate (PDC) platform allows for the potential to improve the therapeutic index of payloads by minimizing delivery to healthy cells while enhancing delivery to a broad range of cancers.





Cellectar‘s goal is to improve the lives of cancer patients through innovation, collaboration,
and the manufacturing of our targeted drug delivery technologies.


Cellectar's PDC platform has demonstrated highly selective cancer targeting both pre-clinically in over 60 in vivo cancer models, and subsequently confirmed clinically in over 10 cancer types. The platform's payload diversity has been validated using cytotoxic radioisotopes for cancer therapy; PET imaging isotopes for cancer imaging; fluorophores for image-guided surgery, and now the company plans to expand its payload portfolio to chemotherapeutics with further preclinical study of paclitaxel and other non-targeted anti-cancer agents with both in-house and collaborative R&D efforts.